Hand-Crafted, Artfully Blended Rainforest Botanicals for Natural Health

The Pain Relief Systems utilizes highly researched & artfully blended South American Rain Forest botanicals to mitigate pain from multiple causes, inflammation, swelling, infections, insect bites and stings, poisonous plant reactions, all forms of arthritis, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, headaches and migraine headaches, burns, sinus congestion/pain, sports injuries, and all types of acute and chronic pain conditions.

     Indigenous South American Rain Forest tribes have harvested, extracted and blended various botanical combinations for hundreds of years seeking relief from the numerous & varied diseases, infections, insect bites & stings and other life & health challenges they face on a daily basis. Different tribes have developed their own unique botanical blends but, for the most part, have never shared their knowledge with other tribes. Our founder combined many of these secret botanical medicinal blends to develop our exciting line of 100% all-natural pain relief systems.

     All  Pain Relief & Treatment Systems are rigorously tested to insure the highest levels of performance & safety. All  Pain Relief & Treatment Systems are formulated with 100% all-natural, naturally harvested, hand-crafted, artfully blended & indigenous tribally sourced botanicals.

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